Day and half-day events for doing stuff better!


Our last workshop:

Hello Web App: Learn How to Build a Web App with Python & Django

Have you ever wanted to build something from scratch that other people could use? There are tons of tutorials and instructions for writing your first website using HTML and CSS, but building something that interacts with the user — a full, complete web application — might feel unachievable and out of reach. Not so!

This workshop will walk you through creating a basic web app using Python and Django, from ideation to deployment. Set up your first web product with a database, registration and login forms, and perhaps get on the path to a fun side-project or future startup. Tailored for designers and non-programmers and taught by a designer. See the details!

Want to see a great workshop? Want to give one?

We are always trying to figure out ways to bring people into town and spend the day sharing their knowledge with us. Do you have particular people you’d like to see bring their show to town? Let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

Ideas for future workshops:

  • Photography
  • Responsive design
  • Performance tips and tricks
  • JavaScript or any other coding language

These are all things we’ve been thinking about, but again, let us know what you think too, we are here to serve our local community first and foremost. Either use the form on the contact page or give us a shout on Twitter.