Refreshing September

Using Data to Disrupt Your Brain: Less Biased Product Management

21 September 2016 — 6pm to 7pm


A picture of Laure Parsons.

Our presenter, Laure Parsons.

Our Topic

Did you think you were more healthy before you started wearing a FitBit? In this talk, Laure will review how using data can help to make better decisions for products, software development, and life in general. The human brain depends on a combination of rational processes and gut reactions, and learning how and when to trust them both in concert allows for great decisions.

Our implicit and unseen biases often step from good intuition, but in order to make reality-based choices, it helps to use quantitative and qualitative data to check ourselves and get the facts.

Our Presenter, Laure Parsons

Laure Parsons is a Senior Product Manager at Notion, the analytics layer for intelligent teams. Prior to her work at Notion, she led the marketing-communications efforts at live chat leader Olark, and lead specific projects that spanned product and operations. As a consultant, she also helped a number of startup companies on product acquisition and activation.

Before moving into technology, she held a number of leadership roles in independent film distribution and production. Laure has served on several non-profit boards and, in perhaps the highlight of her career, was a DJ at WFMU, the country’s premiere independent radio station.

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Our venue, New Relic

Thanks to New Relic for hosting us this month! New Relic is located at 111 SW 5th Avenue, 29th Floor, Portland, OR 97204.

We’re on the 29th Floor in Big Pink.