Refreshing February

The Seven Biggest Myths on the Web


15 February 2017

Our speaker, Lisa Wagner.

Our speaker, Lisa Wagner.

The web is full of myths. Not just internet memes and fake news, but widely-believed ideas that don’t always add up. They get in the way of our best work. Your boss believes some of them. Your clients believe some of them. You might even believe some of them. We will explore seven big myths, how they can lead us astray in our business and design decisions, and some ways you can combat them on your future projects.

Our Presenter, Lisa Wagner

Lisa Wagner is a veteran of corporate web strategy, with almost two decades experience in website definition, design, and management. She spent much of her career helping to run, in a variety of roles from UX leadership to platform design to campaign and product launches.

She currently has her own consulting practice, Xinnia, where she helps a variety of companies from small business, to startup, to enterprise to have more effective websites and digital marketing programs, while also advising on strategy for UX, IA, and digital platforms.

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Our venue, FINE

Thanks to FINE for hosting us this month! FINE is located at 1140 SW 11th Ave, Suite 200, Portland, OR 97205.


Photo credit Jessica Acevedo.