In June 2014 our presentation was…

Tyler Sticka

The fantastic Tyler Sticka

Starting a side project is easy. Finishing one? That’s a whole lot tougher. Is there a secret to being prolific part-time? What separates the countless projects languishing on hard drives from the few that see the light of day?

Join Tyler Sticka (Cloud Four designer/developer and creator of numerous side projects) for a discussion on how to identify your best ideas, focus on the right goals, eliminate cruft and maintain your interest level so you can complete your labor of love without losing sleep, your job or your mind.

Our presenter Tyler Sticka

Tyler designs mobile and responsive websites as part of Cloud Four, and touchscreen games as co-founder of Backabit. He recently launched Colorpeek, a web app for quickly sharing CSS color values, as well as an accompanying Chrome extension. His iOS game Ramps was featured as an iPhone Game of the Week, breaking the US App Store Top 10 at its peak. He also lead the first responsive redesign of the Sasquatch! Music Festival website, which made the 2011 .net Awards shortlist for Redesign of the Year. He writes and draws all sorts of geeky things at

The Venue, ISITE Design

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