Our June 2013 presentation was…

A picture of Stefanie Hatcher.

The estimable Stefanie Hatcher.

At Instrument, we always look to create simple, yet meaningful and engaging digital experiences. The road to simplicity, though, is often full of curves, surprise pot holes, and unexpected right turns. For the third year in a row, we navigated this landscape as we concepted, designed, and developed a browser experiment to get developers excited about Google I/O 2013.

Come learn about our collaborative process and thinking that spawned not only a fun digital toy, but also a new identity for the I/O conference, as seen from the website to T-shirts; from a 40ft-tall LED to temporary tattoos.

Our Presenters, Stefanie Hatcher & Sage Brown

Stefanie Hatcher is a developer of fine Internets at Instrument. Focusing mainly on front end, Stefanie is a fan of fancy CSS, Javascript, SVGs, colors, patterns, and animating all of the things.

A picture of Sagan Brown.

The estimable Sage Brown.

Sage Brown is inspired by the digital world and how we interact with it on a daily basis. Over the past year-and-a-half at Instrument, Sage has worked on a wide range of Google projects focusing on UI, UX and visual design.

Our Venue, ISITE Design

ISITE Design is our home for the next 11 months (at least!) and we’re very happy to be there. ISITE is located at 2030 NW Pettygrove St, Portland, OR 97209.

Parking is available on the street and across the street in the Conway parking lot. Conway allows ISITE to use the lot after 5pm, so no worries on towing!

Come on in the front door and go straight back to the conference room on the left.