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Two Events in May!

— 10 May 2017 —

Everything Is Negotiable: Your Power as a Change-Maker

What if you could flow like water around and over obstacles, dramatically transforming the quality and effectiveness of your everyday experience … and even the environment around you? MJ Broadbent flies in from San Francisco for this special event.

Check out the details and RSVP! Doors open at 5:30, talk starts at 6:00.

— 17 May 2017 —

Staying Creative When Your Day Job Is a Grind

How can we combat creative burnout to reclaim our spark? From our desks at work to our living rooms at home, Cat will explore ways to conquer monotony, nurture inspiration, and boost our creative output. Oh, and have a lot more fun in the process. Cat Rayburn, UX designer and researcher extraordinaire joins us to talk staying creative.

Check out the details and RSVP! Doors open at 5:30, talk starts at 6:00.

Upcoming Events in Our Speaker Series

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We’re more than fine with FINE. They’ve been our venue sponsor for a good long while. The space is always welcoming and working with them is a breeze. If you’ve got the need for their services, we highly recommend them. They’re good people, FINE.

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